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Daily Spiritual Guide is a forum for thoughts and meditations for living a positive, healthy and useful life. Each day provides new spiritual and practical insights for everyday living. This is in part a user driven site made richer by reader shared experiences with trust, relationships, loss, tolerance, pain, joy, fear and hope. Difficulties and happiness faced by people of every race, religion and nationality are fuel for these pages.

A moment's daily pause to consider these readings or to submit your own thoughts will provide energy and stability for each day. Readings are a reminder that strength, wisdom and hope are readily available to each of us if only we allow time for discovery. Daily Spiritual Guide provides a platform for everyone to discover and share strength and hope and help make each day a successful adventure in living.

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Joy and Laughter

Today I am able to joke with God and about God. I am able to laugh at me swinging incense at a candlestick - and then swinging the incense at the Bishop!

I smile at the determined seriousness of acolytes who receive communion while at the same time sticking chewing gum under the arm rail. I chuckle at the embarrassment of the baptism family when the baby pulls the plug out of the font and the holy water drains away.

Today I am able to laugh at God and the Church - it joyously reflects human imperfection, but at the same time reminds me of God's glory.

From "Say Yes To Life"
By Father Leo Booth

Overcoming Rigidity

People who have strong likes and dislikes find life very difficult; they are as rigid as if they had only one bone. Such people cannot bend, and if they are compelled to bend, they can only break.

We can all learn to develop resilience. We can make ourselves like that Japanese doll called the daruma doll, which has a rounded base and is weighted in such a way that when you push it over it springs back up. Yu can hold it down as long as you like, but as soon as you take your hand away, it jumps back up again. This is the kind of resilience that we can all cultivate. Whenever life tries to knock down people who have developed this precious quality of resilience, they are able to spring back; they have lost every trace of rigidity.

Daily meditation will help us overcome our rigidity.

From "The Mantram Handbook"
By Eknath Easwaran


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