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Daily Spiritual Guide is a forum for thoughts and meditations for living a positive, healthy and useful life. Each day provides new spiritual and practical insights for everyday living. This is in part a user driven site made richer by reader shared experiences with trust, relationships, loss, tolerance, pain, joy, fear and hope. Difficulties and happiness faced by people of every race, religion and nationality are fuel for these pages.

A moment's daily pause to consider these readings or to submit your own thoughts will provide energy and stability for each day. Readings are a reminder that strength, wisdom and hope are readily available to each of us if only we allow time for discovery. Daily Spiritual Guide provides a platform for everyone to discover and share strength and hope and help make each day a successful adventure in living.

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Being Human

The "shoulds" of our lives can be found all around us. We should wear our seat belts, we should not cry, we should work harder. The should usually serve as good guides, but they can also intrude upon us. If we give them power, they only condemn us and give no useful help.
At times we jump to the "should" because we don't have the courage to live with the insecurity of being human.
If someone at work gets an unfair shake, it takes courage to speak up and say what we think. We may have an impulse to reach out to a stranger, but it takes courage to do it. Though we want to be honest, fear may prompt us to avoid it. After careful thought, sometimes we need to call on our courage.

From, "Touchstones,"
Hazelden Meditation Series

The Bridge

There are two levels, the higher and the lower, and some very great differences exist between them, as great as the differences between a seed and a flower.
The mission of Christ was to bridge, to connect and to bring into correspondence in himself these two levels, the divine and human.
Unless this connection is made by a few at certain intervals in time, all communication with the higher fails and man is left without any ideas or teachings that can lift him - that is, he is left to his instincts, his self-interests, his violence and his animal appetites, and so without any influences that can lift him beyond the level of barbarism.

From, "The New Man",
By Maurice Nicoll


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