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Daily Spiritual Guide is a forum for thoughts and meditations for living a positive, healthy and useful life. Each day provides new spiritual and practical insights for everyday living. This is in part a user driven site made richer by reader shared experiences with trust, relationships, loss, tolerance, pain, joy, fear and hope. Difficulties and happiness faced by people of every race, religion and nationality are fuel for these pages.

A moment's daily pause to consider these readings or to submit your own thoughts will provide energy and stability for each day. Readings are a reminder that strength, wisdom and hope are readily available to each of us if only we allow time for discovery. Daily Spiritual Guide provides a platform for everyone to discover and share strength and hope and help make each day a successful adventure in living.

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Foil Trouble

You can make use of your mistakes, failures, losses and sufferings. It is not what happens to you so much as what use you make of it.

Take your sufferings, difficulties and hardships and make use of them to help some unfortunate soul who is faced with the same troubles. Then something good will come out of your suffering and the world will be a better place because of it. The good you do each day will live on, after the trouble and distress have gone, after the difficulty and the pain have passed away.

From, "Twenty-Four Hours a Day",
Published by Hazelden


Asked by the young Brahmin to explain the idea of maintaining or protecting truth, The Buddha said:

"A man has a faith. If he says 'this is my faith', so far he maintains truth. But by that he cannot proceed to the absolute conclusion: 'this alone is Truth, and everything else is false". In other words, a man may believe what he likes, and he may say 'I believe this'. So far he respects truth. But because of his belief or faith, he should not say that what he believes is alone the Truth, and everything else is false.

"To be attached to one thing and to look down upon other things as inferior - this the wise men call a fetter."

From, "What the Buddha Taught",
By Walpola Rahula


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